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Use our link builder simplifly amazon product distribution by creating a global amazon affiliate link that works everywhere.

Increase your revenue with global amazon affiliate links

You have a global audience on your website and want to deliver them the best experience with products from their closest amazon store? We help you with our amazon referral service.


We use geo-location on IP basis to find out the closes amazon store to your user and we will redirect them directly to it's url. This works in every browser, even on mobile.

Increased revenue

If you are using only one affiliate service (e.g., you are missing out on potential revenue if you have a global audience on your website. We solve this issue and increase your revenue by about 40%.


We provide this service for free. There is no registration needed. Just convert the links with our linkbuilder and you are set. You can use the generated URL wherever you want. Just keep amazon's usage terms in mind and don't spam!

About Amazon links

Amazon has stores in multiple countries and each store offers different products to different regions of the world. If you have a global website, you'd want to get worldwide sales commission! Since amazon has different affiliate programmes for their locations, you would have to have multiple links to each store on your website. This would not only be ugly but also complicated to read. We offer the solution: Just create a global link!

We will take care of the rest, currently supporting the following locations:

This service is especially useful for book publishers and people selling products on amazon, as you can not only benefit from increased revenue of your product but also increased revenue through your affiliate links. It allows you to share a single link to your product and be sure that the potential buyer gets sent to their closest amazon store as soon as they click the link.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about global amazon referral links

  • Is this service for me?

    If you are distributing products via amazon or using amazon affiliate links on your website or blog, this service definitely is for you.

  • How does the redirect of the amazon referral link work?

    We use geo location based on the visitors IP address and determine the closest amazon store. Hereby we try to be clever. For example Austrian visitors will be directed to

  • Can I use URL shorteners with the generated links?

    Yes, you can shorten the urls and they will also work.

  • Is this service for free?

    We take 1% - 5% of the resulting requests and put our affiliate id on these links in order to finance our servers. Apart from that the service is entirely free, because we like to improve things and it will stay that way.

  • How can I find out my amazon affiliate tracking id?

    You have to register for the amazon affiliate program and there you will be given a tracking id. To get a affiliate tracking id, you have to sign up for the amazon affiliate program.

  • How can I be sure that the generated links will always work?

    We run multiple loadbalanced instances of our service on the amazon cloud to provide you with a reliable service.

  • How much can I increase my revenue by using global amazon links?

    The answer to this question highly depends on your audience and the product you are promoting. Our tests have shown that you can increase the revenue of a blog by around 30% - 40%.

  • What is an ASIN?

    The ASIN of a product is Amazon's version of a product number (Amazon Standard Identification Number). It is being used to identify products. For books this is typically the ISBN-10.

  • How can I find the ASIN of a product?

    The ASIN of a product can usually be found in the url. Use our linkbuilder and paste an amazon url to find our the ASIN. You can also use the ISBN-10 of a book, which basically is the ASIN. Find our linkbuilder here

  • How can I make improvement suggestions?

    Just drop me a line on Twitter: @csupnig

  • Will Amazon still recognize the link as coming from my website?

    Yes, we send your users to the nearest amazon website, using a redirect. The referral header, which amazon uses to determine the source of the click, will stay in tact and will point to the website where you posted the link.

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